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I had no idea my profile still existed.. o-o Well crap.

Uhm, hi to everyone I haven't talked to in like... Forever... Gosh, uh. Not, sure what to say other than this year and the last has been ups and downs; though more downs than ups sadly. 

Decent line of work with Emergency Services now, and as we speak I'm preparing for deployment if necessary due to Hurricane Joaquin. 

To anyone I May have snapped at in the last year to year and a half: I am -deeply- sorry... I've been through hell and back and took some stuff out on folks I never should have.. I am not going to post what happened on here; but if you note-me I can explain there or via skype if you give me your skype name.

Either way, uhm... Yeah, HI! XD
  • Listening to: Music..?
  • Reading: Nothing..
  • Watching: Youtube
  • Playing: WoW, WoT, N64 stuffs
  • Eating: Whatever I can afford
  • Drinking: Whatever I can?
I did this journal test -years- ago. XD Figure, hey. Re do it? Why not. And I guess for 'myspace' to update it, replace with 'Facebook'?

[ ] my fingernails/toenails are almost always painted
[*] during the summer the only shoes I wear are flip flops
[ ] my favorite toys as a child were Barbies
[ ] my favorite colour is pink or purple
[*] I did gymnastics (In early school.)
[ ] I love skirts
[ ] Hollister is one of my favorite places to shop
[ ] tight jeans are the only jeans I’ll wear
[*] I love chocolate
[ ] I've never had a real job


[ ] my hair is almost always straightened
[*] I have at least 8 myspace pictures
[ ] I usually go shopping once a week
[*] I love to hang out at the mall with friends
[ ] I have a real diamond ring or diamond necklace or earrings
[ ] I've gone to a tanning salon
[ ] I've gone to the beach to tan - not to swim
[ ] I have at least 10 pairs of shoes
[ ] I watch either the OC or Laguna Beach
[ ] I change my icon weekly
[ ] I wear a shower cap


[ ] I don't shop at Hot Topic
[ ] my cell phone might as well become a part of me
[ ] I wear mascara everyday
[ ] I've been on a diet or am on a diet
[ ] bathing suits are adorable
[ ] I don’t know the difference between a sheep and a goat
[ ] big sunglasses are hot
[ ] I have gotten my nails done before
[ ] MTV is one of my favorite channels


[ ] all I want to do at sleepovers is talk about boys
[*] I love to have girls do my hair(because DAMN are they GOOD at it!!!!!)
[*] I give and receive hugs from all my friends
[ ] I hate bugs
[*] carnivals are so fun
[*] Summer is THE best season
[ ] my swimsuit has 2 pieces
[ ] I’m waiting for my knight in shining armor
[ ] I’d write him a poem and tell him he’s beautiful
[*] musicians are so hot(Specially if she's good on a Hammond!)


[*] I am self-conscious
[ ] I cry often
[ ] my car smells like vanilla or cherry
[ ] my dishes get washed more than once a week
[ ] I don’t do sports
[ ] I HATE to run
[*] I squeal when I am surprised or angry
[*] I eat dried fruit as a snack
[ ] I love romance novels
[ ] Drew Barrymore is so cute


[*] I dance a lot(If you can call it that..)
[ ] I usually spend an hour or over to get ready to leave my house
[ ] I only have like 5 billion hair products
[*] I love to get dressed up(Looking nice is good, and cosplay/fursuit)
[*] every part of my outfit needs to match
[ ] I talk on the phone at least once a day to my friends
[ ] I would love to have a photo shoot
[ ] I apply lip stuff 50 times a day
[ ] I wish I were a model


[ ] I wish I could meet Paris Hilton
[*] I have been something that was semi(Well I've spent time in a truck cab that was a semi once....That count?)
[ ] I own Uggs
[ ] Hip Hop is the best music
[*] I pop my collar
[*] I like to be the center of attention
[ ]guys with Mohawks are crazy
[*] Horses are beautiful
[*] I'd rather not pay attention in school.
[*] Cats are adorable


[*] I write my own music
[*] I would love to visit Hawaii
[ ] Valentine's day is so cute!
[ ] white is better than black
[ ] I wouldn't be caught dead in all black
[*] my closet is STOCK FULL of clothes
[*] I hate the grunge look
[*] I love to read magazines


[*] I love to gossip
[ ] I had Lisa Frank folders/posters/notebooks as a kid
[ ] I love Celine Dion
[*] my bubble baths are 1-2hrs long
[ ] My wedding only needs a groom because it's already planned
[*] My friends and I are in a strict group
[ ] I like little kids
[*] Diet drinks are the best
[ ] I'm all about being vegetarian
[ ] I refuse to eat at McDonald’s


[*] I check my myspace everyday
[*] I love life
[*] I have a lot of jewelry(Few rings, carved bone-feather necklace, Alicorn Amulet necklace, and I spose ya can count my Pendant Ocarinas)
[ ] my screen name(s) have x's in them
[ ] either one of my myspace names has/had <3's or in them
[*] I would never want to be the opposite sex
[*] It's not what he/she said it's the way he/she said it
[*] I have more than 3 pillows on my bed

Grand total: 38. o-o Jeez it's gone up a bit since those years ago...Ah well!
  • Listening to: Music..?
  • Reading: Nothing..
  • Watching: Youtube
  • Playing: WoW, WoT, N64 stuffs
  • Eating: Whatever I can afford
  • Drinking: Whatever I can?


Jeremy Channing Hughes
United States
Current Residence: Kannapolis, NC
Favourite genre of music: Jazz/Blues, 80's rock, folkmetal
Favourite style of art: 3D Anaglyph
Operating System: Windows XP
MP3 player of choice: Wish I had one so bad
Shell of choice: ....Dragon's don't have shell's.
Skin of choice: Uhm... My own?
Favourite cartoon character: I never watched Cartoon's much

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